A Introduction of Grid Ceiling System and Ceiling Tiles

Popular Grid Ceiling Systems

Rondo Duo Exposed Grid Ceiling System

Practical and convenient, the Rondo Duo Exposed Grid Ceiling comes complete with main systems and complementary parts to make assembling quick and simple. These ceiling systems are available in prefinished steel and can be quickly assembled on site.

Rondo DONN Exposed Grid ceiling

Made with galvanized steel, Rondo Donn Exposed grid ceiling offers load-carrying capacities for light fixtures, acoustic panels and more. It provides a solid framework for various types of tiles and comes in both 15mm and 24mm options.

Grid Ceiling Suppliers

Selection of Ceiling Tiles

Vinyl Surface Ceiling Tiles 

Gyprock Freshtone Ceiling Tile is a simple and easy to clean surface that makes a perfect choice for both residential and commercial projects. The low sheen and high-density board make cleaning blemishes a breeze, whilst limiting the possibility of discolouration.

Mineral fibre tiles - Armstrong Fine Fissured 3570 is a popularly used ceiling tile product often seem in commercial projects. It comes with a tidy and neat surface and superior acoustic performance.

Look for Grid Ceiling Suppliers?

At Wall Ceiling, we offer ceiling tiles and systems that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to fading. Using only reputable wholesalers such as Knauf and Armstrong

Looking for Grid Ceiling Supplier in Sydney? Contact Wall Ceiling today for a quote on suitable ceiling tiles and ceiling systems. You can contact us online or speak to one of our Grid Ceiling Specialist in person.

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