About us

Wall Ceiling simplifies your plasterboard purchasing experience by offering both convenience and accessibility. Our comprehensive online platform enables customers to easily explore a broad range of products and compare prices anywhere anytime. To help with your decision-making, we provide extensive product details, insightful customer reviews, and flexible delivery options. This streamlines the process for those undertaking construction or renovation projects and allow you to focus on project itself.

Located in Kingsgrove, NSW, our warehouse efficiently serves all areas within Greater Sydney. We pride ourselves on sourcing our products mainly from Australian wholesalers and manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability. Wall Ceiling operates as a straightforward, transparent, and 'no frills' online vendor.

Our business model focuses on low overhead costs, allowing us to offer competitive prices. These savings are directly passed on to our valued customers. In addition to our already competitive pricing, Wall Ceiling occasionally provides additional discounts on specific product categories, especially for our builder and trade customers.

Our user-friendly website is designed for efficient navigation, enabling customers to find the required product size, length, and other specifications on a single page. We achieve this by consolidating product options and variants onto one page with highlighted tiles, thus removing the need for time-consuming searches across multiple pages.

Unique to Wall Ceiling, we also offer builders and customers the opportunity to purchase full packs of products at a significant discount compared to the individual piece price on selected items.

Customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery date before checkout. We strive to deliver orders within 1 or 2 business days, provided the order is placed before 12pm and barring any unforeseen circumstances.

At Wall Ceiling, we are committed to supporting our customers with a high-quality product range, exceptional service, and competitive prices. We are eager to understand your specific needs and source the right products for you."

Feel free to contact us if there's anything else you'd like to adjust or add!