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What is Earthwool and why is it so popular?

Why Is Earthwool So Popular in Australia? 

If you are working on a DIY project for your home, then you may have heard a lot about Knauf’s Earthwool insulation products. This versatile material has been used for a wide range of insulation applications, including a few you may not have considered. Earthwool is now a go-to insulating material for both professional contractors and DIYers in Australia for several compelling reasons.

Earthwool Insulation

Here are some of the reasons Earthwool is extremely popular among Australian builders:

Earthwool contains no formaldehyde and minimal petroleum-based additives

Formaldehyde and petroleum additives are common in traditional insulation, including fibreglass and other similar products. These additives can cause significant indoor air pollution and can become a health risk to occupants—one that can last for many years. Earthwool, on the other hand, is formaldehyde-free and has minimal quantities of petroleum-based additives, making it much safer to use.

It’s completely non-flammable

Because of the lack of petroleum additives and formaldehyde, Earthwool insulation provides superior protection from fire. If you want to keep your property safe from fire, Earthwool should be first on your list.

Non-irritating texture

Typically, installing your insulation is a job to be left to professionals due to the difficulty accompanied to material handling, which can be extremely irritating to the skin. Compared to fibreglass and other mineral wool insulation, the texture of Earthwool is far less irritating. This is a major factor in its popularity with DIYers and professional contractors. It also produces less microscopic dust particles compared to traditional materials, making it less hazardous to work with.

Earthwool is made from recycled materials and low-energy processes

Australia is currently undergoing a crisis with its waste handling and disposal. Many conscientious DIYers and contractors are thus attempting to reduce both waste and increase the use of recycled materials.

Earthwool is made from at least 80% recycled glass, and in manufacturing it,  Knauf uses processes that require less energy than those used for manufacturing conventional insulation. This has made the material a favourite of more environmentally conscious builders.

Superior comfort

Earthwool delivers comparative or superior performance to virtually all types of traditional insulating materials in terms of sound transmission and thermal performance. As it is also less toxic and dangerous to handle compared to many traditional insulating materials, this makes it an excellent choice for creating comfortable living spaces.

An unmatched 50-year warranty

Knauf gives a 50-year warranty on Earthwool products. This is longer than virtually any competing product warranties. This means you can be highly confident in any purchase of Earthwool products.

Earthwool combines ease of use and handling with an environmentally conscious approach to insulation, superior performance, and an unmatched guarantee from the manufacturer. No wonder the material is now the first choice for use in residential and commercial insulation applications throughout Australia. Be sure to check out Pricewise Insulation to learn more about Earthwool insulation and other Knauf products.