Aquachek vs Villaboard, What’s Right For You?

Aquachek and Villaboard are both types of fibre cement sheeting used in the construction industry, especially in wet areas. The choice between the two depends on several factors such as the specific requirements of your project, the availability of the product, the preferred brand, and any particular features you may need.


  • Produced by CSR Gyprock, Aquachek is a gypsum-based plasterboard that is water-resistant.
  • It is specifically designed for use in areas of high humidity or where occasional water contact is likely.
  • Aquachek is typically used for lining walls and ceilings in bathrooms, showers, laundries, and toilets.
  • It's easier to cut and work with compared to fibre cement products, resembling the workability of regular plasterboard but with added moisture resistance.Villaboard


  • Manufactured by James Hardie, Villaboard is a fibre cement sheet product.
  • It is highly moisture-resistant and is particularly suitable for use in wet areas where the walls are to be tiled.
  • Villaboard is denser and more durable than Aquachek, providing excellent resistance to damage in wet environments.
  • It is also commonly used as an underlay for tiles due to its rigidity and dimensional stability.

Both products serve as excellent options for areas that will be exposed to moisture, but Villaboard's fibre cement composition typically offers a higher level of durability and resistance to impact, moisture, and termite damage than the gypsum-based Aquachek. However, Aquachek may be easier to cut and install due to its similarity to regular plasterboard.

When deciding between Aquachek and Villaboard, consider the specific conditions of the area you are renovating or building. For environments that will be constantly wet or need to bear the weight of heavy wall tiles, Villaboard may be the better choice. For general moisture resistance in wet but less intense environments, Aquachek could suffice. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for the best results.

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