DIY Living Space: A Guide to Partition Wall and Ceiling

Creating a DIY plasterboard wall involves a series of steps to ensure a smooth and professional-looking finish. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install a plasterboard wall:

Materials and Tools You'll Need:

Step 1: Measure and Plan

  • Measure the dimensions of the wall and cut the plasterboard sheets accordingly, leaving a small gap at the edges for expansion.
  • Plan the placement of the plasterboard, ensuring that the seams align with the wall studs.

Step 2: Locate Wall Studs

  • Use a stud finder to locate and mark the positions of the wall studs. This is where you'll secure the plasterboard for proper support.

Step 3: Attach the Plasterboard

  • Starting at one corner, position the plasterboard sheet against the wall studs.
  • Use screws to secure the plasterboard to the studs. Place screws along the edges and at the center of the sheet, ensuring a secure attachment.
  • Continue attaching additional sheets, staggering the seams to create a stronger and more stable wall.

Step 4: Cut Openings

  • Use a utility knife to carefully cut openings for doors, windows, or electrical outlets.
  • Be precise with your cuts to ensure a clean and neat finish around openings.

Step 5: Apply Jointing Compound and Tape

  • Apply jointing compound along the seams of the plasterboard using a putty knife.
  • Place jointing tape over the compound, pressing it down to create a smooth surface. Apply a thin layer of compound over the tape.

Step 6: Corners and Edges

  • If you're creating corners, install corner beads to reinforce and protect the edges.
  • Apply jointing compound over the corner beads and any exposed edges.

Step 7: Sand and Finish

  • Once the jointing compound is dry, sand the surface to create a smooth finish.
  • Repeat the process, if necessary, until you achieve the desired smoothness.

Step 8: Prime and Paint

  • Prime the plasterboard surface to ensure proper adhesion of the paint.
  • Once the primer is dry, paint the plasterboard wall with your chosen color.


  • Use the right screws and ensure they are long enough to reach the studs but not too long to go through the plasterboard.
  • Check for level and plumb as you go to ensure a straight and even wall.
  • Follow safety precautions, especially when using tools and materials.

Remember that installing a plasterboard wall requires precision and attention to detail. If you're unsure about any step, it's advisable to seek guidance from professionals or consult comprehensive DIY guides for additional insights. As for plasterboard supplies and accessories, please Contact Wall Ceiling for more details.

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