What is blueboard?

Discover the versatility and durability of blueboard for your construction and renovation needs. Ideal for veneer plastering, blueboard serves as a robust and moisture-resistant substrate that simplifies the plastering process. With its unique blue facing paper, blueboard is designed for easy identification and is perfect for creating a smooth, paint-ready surface.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Blueboard Joint

How to cut blueboard?

Blueboard can be cut using the score-and-snap method. Score the blue paper facing with a utility knife and break the board cleanly along the line.

The other option is to use a circular saw with fibre cement saw blade with diamond tipped, make sure a vacuum is attached to avoid dust which could cause health issue. 

What jointing compound do you need for blueboard?

There are a range of pre-mixed acrylic jointing compound could be used for Blueboard.

For small areas, Dunlop Fibre Cement Jointing Compound is a good option, which could be easily found in local Bunnings or Mitre 10.

For trade or commercial project, MAC Patch Fine Acrylic Joint Compound maybe more suitable.

How thick is blueboard?

HardieTex Blue Board is 7.5mm thick. Hume Prima Blueboard is also 7.5mm thick.

How to apply acrylic render to blueboard?

Acrylic render should be applied by a professional plasterer using appropriate trowels and tools for a smooth finish.

How to install blueboard?

Installation involves measuring, cutting, and fastening the blueboard to the framing with screws or nails, followed by taping and plastering the joints.

How to join blueboard?

Joints between blueboard sheets are covered with a special tape and then apply acrylic jointing compound to the joint, normally two coats to get a smooth finish.

Can you paint blueboard?

Yes, once the blueboard has been properly plastered and sanded, it can be painted.

Is blueboard fire rated?

Some blueboard products are fire-rated. Check the manufacturer's specifications for the rating.

Can you glue tiles to blueboard?

While it's possible, it's not recommended without a proper tile backer. If tiling is required, use a cement backer board instead.

Where to buy blueboard?

Blueboard can be purchased at most building supply stores or specialty drywall suppliers. Please Contact Us for more information regarding Blueboard.