Exotec Facade Panel and System

In the realm of contemporary construction, James Hardie's ExoTec building facade panel system stands out as a revolutionary solution in the Australian market. This product line exemplifies innovation and resilience, catering to the unique demands of Australian architecture and climate. Let’s delve into what makes ExoTec a preferred choice for exterior building solutions in Australia.

What is ExoTec Facade Panel?

James Hardie's Exotec

Expertly designed for low rise, high rise and commercial building facades, fascia’s and soffits the ExoTec® Facade Panel and System is a deemed-to-satisfy, non-combustible cladding system. Aesthetically, ExoTec is a smooth sanded compressed fibre cement (CFC) façade panel that works with a top-hat system to create geometric designs with 10mm express joints. The 9mm thick panels are fully sealed on all sides, to reduce limit panel expansion, as well as being high impact resistant and durable. ExoTec can be fixed with concealed fasteners or purposefully exposed ones. For a custom look, it can be painted on-site with a wide range of acrylic textures or factory finished off-site in polyurethane or metallic colours.

Key Features of ExoTec Facade Panel

James Hardie™ ExoTec™ façade panel and system is designed for commercial building facades and fascia. It is a non-combustible cladding system that is durable, quick to install and impact resistant.

  • Ideal solution for external commercial cladding
  • A smooth sanded compressed fibre cement panel
  • Panels are sealed on all side for durability
  • Quick, hassle free installation
  • Termite and rot resistant
  • Fire and impact resistant
  • It can be fixed with concealed fasteners

This product can be painted on-site with acrylic textures or painted off-site with a range of other coatings. A top-hat system can be used to create various geometric designs with 10mm joints.

Why Choose ExoTec for Your Next Projects?

Compliance with Australian Standards

ExoTec panels are rigorously tested to meet and exceed Australian standards for building materials, particularly in terms of fire safety and weather resistance. This compliance makes them a safe and reliable choice for various construction projects.

Design Flexibility

ExoTec panels offer architects and designers the freedom to explore creative facade designs without compromising on functionality or safety. Their adaptability in terms of finishes and installation methods opens up a realm of possibilities for innovative design.

Long-Term Performance

Given their durability and low maintenance requirements, ExoTec panels provide long-term performance, making them a cost-effective solution over the building’s lifespan.

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James Hardie’s ExoTec facade system is more than just a building material; it's a comprehensive solution that combines safety, durability, and design flexibility. In the evolving landscape of Australian construction, ExoTec stands out as an innovative and reliable option for modern building facades, contributing to the creation of safe, stylish, and sustainable structures. Please get in contact to one of our friendly experts for more details.