Axon Cladding

James Hardie Scyon Axon Cladding

James Hardie's Scyon Axon cladding is a highly regarded product in Australia, known for its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It's a vertical wall cladding that offers a contemporary look, making it popular for modern architectural designs. Here's a summary of its key features and applications:

Scyon Axon

Axon Cladding is an attractive fibre cement cladding panel with vertical grooves which are reminiscent of vertical joint timber wall lining. Designed as a cladding product, it's commonly used as a delightful detail on minimalist modern home exteriors.

Vertical joint wall linings are sought after in interior design and styling because give walls a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail when compared with conventional plasterboard.

Axon Cladding has become a modern alternative to Hardie Groove interior linings. So how are they different? Hardie™ Groove has a V-shaped groove every 100mm. Axon Cladding has a wider U-shaped groove and a wider groove spacing of 133mm.

Axon Cladding 133mm Smooth is a 1200mm wide panel which is available in 2450, 2750, 3,000 and 3,600mm heights making it suitable for tall walls and vaulted ceilings. Hardie Groove on the other hand, is also a 1200mm wide panel, but it's only available in a 2,700mm height. If you have a wall or a ceiling that's taller than 2,700mm, it's best to avoid having to join the short side of the panels. Instead, choose the longer Axon panel to eliminate the joint.

Axon Cladding also comes with 400mm groove spacing and a 133mm version with a wood grain texture which are not shown in the images.

For interior use, Axon Cladding suits hallways, feature walls, ceilings and bathrooms walls (excluding shower recesses).used to create a standout feature on buildings. It can be painted in various colors, offering flexibility to match different design palettes.

    In summary, James Hardie’s Scyon Axon cladding is a top choice in Australia for those seeking a durable, easy-to-install, and aesthetically versatile cladding solution. Its suitability for a range of architectural styles and environmental conditions makes it a preferred option in the Australian building market. Please contact our friendly support team for more details.