James Hardie Weatherboards

Weatherboards have been used in Australian homes since the 1850s and are a key factor of Victorian and Queenslander home styles. Today they’re popular in modern coastal and Australian Hamptons style homes. Weatherboards help protect a building/structure from the harsh and unpredictable Australian weather, and natural elements such as sea spray.

Attached horizontally to the frame / house with the board above overlapping the board below creating an attractive shadow line. Builders generally prefer fibre cement weatherboards over natural timber weatherboards because they don’t bend or warp prior to installation, and also cut cleanly and require less frequent painting. James Hardie fibre cement weatherboards are also resistant to fire, rot, termites and damage from moisture. They’re suitable for use in bushfire zone construction and with fire and acoustic wall systems. James Hardie weatherboards are available in a range of thicknesses, profiles and textures. Linea weatherboards are 16mm thick and smooth for deep sharp shadow lines. PrimeLine weatherboards are 9mm thick in a narrow style with machined profiles for different shadow lines. Hardie Plank weatherboards are a wide style with smooth, wood grain and rough sawn textures.

James Hardie's weatherboards come in a range of thicknesses, profiles, and textures. Some of their notable products are:

Linea Weatherboards:

    The clean horizontal lines of Linea weatherboards work beautifully on the expansive external walls of modern architecture. Ideal for creating a Hamptons or coastal inspired look when combined with contrasting Axent Trims in new homes or renovations, Linea can also be confidently painted in dark colours. Innovative and durable, Linea weatherboards are resistant to shrinking, swelling and cracking and will hold paint longer than wood. Featuring the distinctive charm of a deep shadow weatherboard without the maintenance of timber, the unmatched thickness for fibre cement weatherboards of 16mm which also enable handy tongue and groove short ends for clean butt joins even off-stud.

    PrimeLine Weatherboards:

      Available in styles to match many heritage weatherboard homes, PrimeLine Weatherboards are a durable range of 9mm thick weatherboards for creating classic lines without the wonkiness of timber. The Primeline Chamfer profile has clean lines and comes in a double board height for fast installation. The Primeline Newport profile features narrow boards with a rebate to deepen the overlap shadow line, and is compatible with the HardieLock system for fast lap alignment. For extra shadow lines, Primeline Heritage weatherboard profile has a rebated edge and comes in double board height for fast installation.

      Hardie Plank

      Hardie™ Plank Weatherboards: 

        Hardie Plank is a no-fuss, 7.5mm thick fibre cement weatherboard with two woodgrain textures that are perfect for cost-effective home extensions. Able to be used to clad whole homes or as extensions to brick homes. Hardie™ Plank woodgrain and Hardie™ Plank smooth are wide weatherboards which come in 230mm and 300mm widths.

        Stria Cladding: 

          Achieve a range of sleek looks with customisable Stria cladding. Featuring deep grooves from the thick shiplap cladding boards, the Stria range is an easy way to get the strong horizontal cladding lines in modern home and townhouse designs. Stria cladding suits contemporary looks where a bold, but pared-back aesthetic is desired. Introduce design versatility into your home by varying the application and switch between widths and orient the boards vertically or panelise them with the vertical flashing stop accessory. Stria 325mm and 405mm profiles are 14mm thick fibre cement with shiplap joints that leave 15mm wide horizontal grooves for strong clean lines.


          The weatherboards are used in various settings, including country and coastal areas, particularly in Queensland, where they are an iconic feature of traditional Queenslander-style homes. They are also used in new and renovated homes that feature balconies and verandahs, encouraging outdoor living and flow-through breezes.

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