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CSR Gyprock 16mm Fyrchek Plasterboard RE

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Product Description

Fyrchek’s glass fibre-reinforced core enables it to maintain structural integrity when subjected to direct flame making it an ideal board for use as part of a fire rated wall or ceiling system.

This plasterboard is also an acoustic grade board and can be used in systems where acoustic separation is specified.

Gyprock Fyrchek can be easily identified by its pink coloured face paper.

Typical Applications

Fyrchek is predominantly specified for commercial installations in areas where there is a higher level of fire resistance and/or acoustic performance required.  

Typical applications include:

  • Fire separation and smoke walls 
  • Intertenancy walls and party walls
  • Multi-residential unit ceilings
  • Lift wells
  • Plant rooms
  • Any non-wet area wall or ceiling where a fire or acoustic rated system is specified


Gyprock Fyrchek is not recommended for use where it would be in contact with water or a constant relative humidity above 90%. For wet areas, Gyprock Fyrchek™ MR, Gyprock EC08™ Complete or Gyprock EC08™ Extreme would be more suitable.

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                                Among the various safety measures, fire protection stands out as a critical area. This is where CSR Gyprock's fire-rated wall and ceiling systems come into the picture. Designed to enhance the fire resistance of buildings, these systems are essential for both commercial and residential constructions.


                                What is fire resistance plasterboard?

                                Fire-resistant plasterboard, often referred to as fire-rated or fireproof plasterboard, is a specialized type of drywall designed to resist the spread of fire. Unlike standard plasterboard, which is made primarily of gypsum sandwiched between layers of paper, fire-resistant plasterboard includes materials that enhance its ability to withstand high temperatures.

                                What is Gyprock Fyrchek?

                                Gyprock Fyrchek is a specially formulated plasterboard designed for use in fire and acoustic wall and ceiling systems. Known for its pink face paper, this plasterboard incorporates a fire-resistant gypsum core reinforced with glass fibres and other additives to enhance its fire-retardant properties. It's an ideal choice for areas requiring increased fire protection, such as inter-tenancy walls, shafts, and public spaces in commercial and multi-residential buildings.

                                Features of CSR Gyprock Fire Rated Systems

                                1. Material Composition: Made from gypsum, a naturally fire-resistant material, CSR Gyprock products are engineered to resist high temperatures.

                                2. Tested Fire Rated Systems: These systems come with various fire resistance levels, suitable for different building requirements.

                                3. Compatibility: They are compatible with a range of building designs, ensuring that safety doesn't compromise aesthetics.

                                4. Certification: All CSR Gyprock fire-rated products are certified and comply with the relevant Australian standards for fire safety.


                                • Commercial Buildings: In offices and commercial spaces, where the risk of fire can be higher due to electrical equipment and heavy foot traffic.
                                • Residential Constructions: Homes can benefit from these systems, especially in kitchens and garages where fire risks are common.
                                • Public Facilities: Hospitals, schools, and other public buildings use these systems for enhanced safety.

                                Installation and Maintenance

                                While CSR Gyprock systems are designed for easy installation, it's crucial to have them installed by professionals. Proper installation ensures that the fire-rated systems function as intended. Maintenance is relatively straightforward, requiring regular inspections to ensure integrity and performance.

                                Where to buy

                                CSR Gyprock Fyrchek offer a blend of safety, functionality, and design compatibility. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance fire safety in their building projects. Please place an online order with us or simply Contact Us for more details.