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James Hardie Scyon Axent Trim 19mm 3000x45mm

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Product Description

A thick, versatile, advanced cement composite trim

A thick and versatile trim made from Scyon™, an advanced cement composite, Scyon™ Axent™ trim is the easy way to add finishing touches that keep their finish.

The ideal finish to highlight and accentuate

Ideal for edge treatment around windows, finishing touches to internal and external corners, as a design enhancer at butt joints.

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Can I Pick-up from your warehouse?

Yes, pick-up service is available from our Kingsgrove warehouse.

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Please plan to collect your ordered items from our warehouse during our designated pick-up hours, from 12pm - 3pm Monday to Friday. This ensures a smooth and efficient retrieval of your products.

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Yes, we offer delivery service.

Where does Wall Ceiling deliver to?

Wall Ceiling is pleased to offer delivery services to a wide range of suburbs throughout Greater Sydney, NSW.

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      • Delivery charge of $125 for deliveries within 20km radius from Kingsgrove warehouse;
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              Items that are in stock are typically delivered on the following business day or prefer date selected by customer.

                Who is responsible for unloading the materials off the truck?

                Please note, it is customer's responsibility to unload the materials off the truck, either manually by hand or with assistance of a forklift on site. Please arrange adequate help to unload the materials.

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                  We cannot specify an exact delivery time due to factors like traffic and weather conditions; however we will make every effort to deliver within the expected time frame.
                    Our delivery driver will contact you in advance, ensuring you are ready for the delivery.

                      Do I need to be on-site to receive my delivery?

                      Yes, if you are not available, please kindly arrange another person to accept and unload the materials on your behalf.

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                      • All ceiling tiles products.

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                              What is Hardie Axent Trim?

                              Hardie Axent Trim is a product from James Hardie, a well-known manufacturer of building materials. It's a type of trim board made from fiber cement, designed to complement various exterior cladding materials, including James Hardie's own range of siding products.

                              Key Characteristics of Hardie Axent Trim:

                              1. Material: Hardie Axent Trim is made from fiber cement, a durable and long-lasting material composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers.

                              2. Durability: One of the major advantages of fiber cement is its resistance to many common hazards, such as termites, rot, and fire. This makes Hardie Axent Trim particularly suitable for a wide range of climates and conditions.

                              3. Maintenance: Compared to traditional wood trim, Hardie Axent Trim requires less maintenance. It doesn't need frequent painting or sealing as wood does.

                              4. Aesthetics: Hardie Axent Trim is designed to provide a clean, crisp finish to the exterior of a building. It can be used around windows and doors, along rooflines, or anywhere else where trim is needed. Its versatility allows it to fit into various architectural styles.

                              5. Installation: This trim is known for being straightforward to install, though it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the best performance and longevity.

                              6. Customization: It can be painted, allowing homeowners or builders to customize the color to match or complement the building's exterior design.

                              In summary, Hardie Axent Trim is a versatile, durable, and low-maintenance option that's particularly well-suited for use in various types of construction projects, offering both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal.